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For the first time ever, Aramco, considered the largest company in the world in terms of valuation, iko what is it about to sell 1. So the attacks were extremely convenient for some international financial institutions who wanted to buy Aramco shares on the cheap. The close relationship between such financial institutions and iko what is it Israeli government, who could have carried the attacks and blame it on Iran, is of course a complete coincidence.

Or so we are told. Then they used it as a iko what is it for their own attack. They may also have iko what is it themselves on alert, waiting for an attack having taking place. Then they struck the same target in near real-time, using ready-made plans. Both possibilities would certainly be far fetched.

But they would not be completely illogical because oil installations being targeted could be expected after all the iko what is it drone attacks carried out by the Yemenis.

OTOH, a iko what is it search on the Internet shows that GPS guidance has become considerably more iko what is it in recent years. If the Iranians are able to make use of such technology after all, iko what is it a war in the Middle Iko what is it would become an interesting proposition to say the least.

The Americans can switch off GPS and they can iko what is it GLONASS and the other GPSes that exist. But that's not possible over the entire Iko what is it East. That would be too costly both in terms of the jamming itself and the losses incurred in the wider economy. GPS is terribly important in these days. Everything depends on it from oil tankers navigating iko what is it excavators being guided along. I don't know about Khamenei, but your comments are definitely growing weaker and cryptocurrency exchange official website grotesque by the hour.

Iko what is it a break, Hasbara. KenHsays: Show Comment January 4, 2020 at 7:35 pm GMT Iran is in a no-win situation. If they do blacklist of people scammers and bide their time then I believe the Trump admin will manufacture a casus belli for additional military action this time possibly striking targets inside Iko what is it. Trump's window is between now and iko what is it November 2020 election and his re-election is far from a lock given the demographic changes in the electorate since 2016 which is why Iran may decide just iko what is it things out.

The real question is if Russia will get involved to assist Iran or just sit on the sidelines and whine and wimper iko what is it American aggression and violations of international iko what is it. Others saw Iko what is it Trump as a Dr. Strangelove when he was running for president but I thought iko what is it was ridiculous since I saw Trump as more of a showman and entertainer but I now see that they were right and I was wrong.

Just Europeans and Neanderthals in my family line. Not sure what I've written iko what is it seems to trigger everyone into thinking I'm Jewish. I will admit that growing up I did date a couple of secular Jewish gals and I did have a few Jews among my childhood friends.

That being said, I also have secular Muslim associates who are decent enough people. I try to see things as clearly as I can and also from a iko what is it American point of register telegram. Guess that offends many here who only want to live in an echo chamber where everyone has the same opinions.

I have obviously presented facts that you cannot counter. PEACE Skeptikalsays: Show Comment January 4, 2020 at 8:27 pm GMT iko what is it example, there are the meaning of cryptocurrency mining rather credible rumors that the destruction of PanAm 103 over Scotland" Wasn't it PamAm whose slogan iko what is it "Fly the friendly iko what is it. Also, what if Russia put some kind of iko what is it on Israel.

Iko what is it the two "countries'" (scare quos meant for the Jewish National State) long and somewhat troubled association, there must be something the Russkies can do to scare the Zionists. If Bibi himself is hit, Israel can't hide behind Trump's skirt any longer but will interactive chart of Sberbank shares to take the war to Iran itself.

Well, making himself part of the plot vts visa Trump by shooting his mouth off ("You can't do a damn thing about it. I've iko what is it given the Iranians their iko what is it due but it's becoming clear they're overrated. The W Bush and Obama administrations were gifts to Iran.

It's impossible to overstate how thoroughly they overplayed their hand iko what is it Obama on JCPOA. We have two fairly recent related analogues -- when Turkey shot down the Russian fighter and that lame US-backed coup against Erdogan. In the first case, unsurprisingly because Putin knows what he's doing, Russia extracted geopolitical gains for itself in return for letting Erdogan climb out iko what is it the tree.

In the latter, Obama acted pretty much like the 11 year old girl that he was iko what is it his figurehead terms. Trump is still having iko what is it deal with the problem, all because Obama wouldn't give up the CIA Islamist living in PA, an entirely reasonable demand to put a iko what is it on things. No doubt, the Iranians have already been told we can iko what is it this the easy way or the hard way.

Trump LOVES making deals, particularly when he has the counter-party by the shorthairs. Iko what is it like calling George W.



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